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  • Very Quick Let, Great Service, Great Advice, Great Value. Would highly recommend. Many Thanks

  • Efficient, excellent communication and they found me brilliant tenants very quickly.  

  • I was sceptical at first because of the price.  However, every bit as good as my previous agent for 1/3 of the price.  Highly recommended

  • Simply Excellent! 

  • We have let several of our properties through, and as they become available I will hand them all to them.   I would recommend A pleasurable and competitive offering; brilliant and efficient service.

  • As a landlord voids are my biggest concern. Letting Supermarket came up with a range of solutions to my problems.  The offers they came up with were so appealing that not only did i not have a void but i received an increased rent and a reduced management fee over my previous agent therefore resuting in increased profit.  fabulous service!

  • The best company we have ever used for management, and we have used a few over the years.  Its a five star review from us we only wish they had been around 10 years ago so our portfolio would be larger.

  • After reading an article on i was intrigued to discuss my options with, at the time (19th January 2013), what seemed to be a relative newcomer to the market with an interesting business model.  I like to think of myself as business minded and thought i would give them a chance after a long talk with Tony.  

    I left leaving a review for as long as possible as i wanted some isues to arise but, i must say,  communication has been excellent and maintenance issues addressed with professionalism speed and backed up with a sound legal knowledge.

    They say in life you get what you pay for and 9 out of 10 ten times i would agree,however this really is an exception to that rule.  

  • Having been put onto by Property118, I can only say I am delighted. The property they now manage was tenanted at very short notice with no void period, 12 months rent up front and a substantial reduction is agents fees. I can be sceptical, and if something seems too good to be true it usually is! However, is a very welcome exception!

  • Very happy with the service, excellent communication, excellent price and very efficient!  Couldn't be happier!

  • We had a few problems with the tenants payments, but Lettingsupermarket acted quickly and spent a longtime conversing with the tenant and we ended up receiving all our money and the house being re-let with a short void.  I think the relationship they create with the tenants is something you can't put a price on, they are always friendly, honest and upfront! When renting any agent can provide an excellent service with a good tenant, its when there are problems that a good agent shows there hand.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Lettingsupermarket.

  • I have a reasonable sized portfolio of properties spread over the country, around 12 months ago i thought i would try lettingsupermarket as the savings would be substantial over my, now, previous agent.

    I cannot stress how delighted i am to have made that choice.  My portfolio is more profitable, i only have to make one phone call to discuss all my properties, the team and my tenants have a fantastic relationship, i receive regular updates, they are very knowledgable about the legalities of letting property, i'm paid on time and if the tenant is late this is communicated efficiently, i have had very short to no void periods and i am always subject to a very friendly welcome and a good chat whenever we speak unlike many agents i have used before they are constantly grateful for my business and nothing is too much trouble.  

    They even keep me upto date on property deals to assist me in expanding my portfolio.

    As seems to be the theme, having read some of the reviews prior to posting mine as not to repeat what has already been said, they come highly recommended. 


  • First time using, i understand why all the reviews are 5 star! Thank You


  • Excellent price, excellent communication, great interpersonal skills, admin quick and accurate - cannot fault them BobG

  • I was referred by a friend and i am very happy with the service and price.  A professional organisation who provide value for money.

  • Excellent service.  Highly recommended!

  • I am first time landlord and was attracted by good reviews ive seen on the internet and the price.

    All in all they kept me upto date, advised me legally and found me good tenants very quickly.  Nothing was too much trouble and they are always polite, i cant see why anyone would use a high street agent its the same service but cheaper!!  

    Very Satisfied with the service!

  • I was a tenant with Lettingsupermarket for a year and a half and they have been fabulous.  A true pleasure to deal with, everything was explaind to me, if there was a delay i was told and given honest reasons which i can understand.  If you're a tenant i couldnt recommend them enough and wish the proeprty ive moved too was manged by them.  The difference between the current agent im renting through and Lettingsupermarket is chalk and cheese.  All the best for the future Tony and team hopefully we can let through you again.


  • I have let several of my properties through Letting Supermarket this year. Very good service. Why landlords continue to use High Street agents is beyond me.

  • As a tenant, Tony and the team have been great to work with. Super responsive, competitive fees, easy to contact and deal with. Its very refreshing in a market where painful and unhelpful property managers are the norm! Would recommend to any tenant / property hunter.

  • Two weeks into working with the company and cannot praise them highly enough. Both the national office and the local agent are efficient and pro-active. Initial impression - very very impressed indeed.

  • The team have managed my properties for two years now and im very happy with the level of service especially considering its very personal and i speak tot he team managing my properties on a regular basis.  Very happy! Highly Recommended!

  • Excellent service. Very friendly.  Properties always let with minimal voids, superb advice! Highly Recommended! 

  • Very happy and satisfied with the service provided..Very highly recommended..five stars.!!

  • Having used the company for over 12 months when i found out that Lettingsupermarket were crowdfunding i instantly purchased shares. The idea is excellent, the service is faultless, the price is half of anywhere else and i believe the company is going to be the future of the lettings industry.

  • I have been with Lettingsupermarket for some time now and I can only say that they are brilliant! I agree with all the other comments, so I won't repeat everything they've said. Give them a try, you won't regret it!

  • Very happy! Property was let quickly and fees are the lowest ive come across....there are other online agents i have used but alot of the additional services are extra, i can see why your company has so many good reviews and the fact you primarily rely on word of mouth advertising speaks volumes for your business.  I will be recommending you to other landlords.


  • I have a portfolio of over 100 houses and lettingsupermarket currently manage 40.  I can honestly say im saving a fortune.  A dedicated maintenance department deals with the ongoing management issues which is the best model i have come across in along time, thank you to the maintenance managers james and charlotte you have been very helpful.  My tenants are happy and the value for money is superb.  I will be passing the management across for the rest of my properties once i can get out of the contracts from am agent who, not mentioning any names, is high street based and national.  


  • Out standing customer services, very help full and understanding , Chris is amazing

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